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Help us create Unity and Healing across Indigenous communities

The TIME Collaborative is an international network of indigenous volunteers - culture bearers, community health professionals, policy experts, artists, activists, and community/tribal leaders. We are devoted to integrally improving health, wellness and equity of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas through education, technical assistance and advocacy. Our projects are designed to foster systemic changes under the premise that human and environmental (Mother Earth) health is intrinsically connected as one.

TIME is working with One Fire Associates, InnerCHANGE WORKS, and Immediate Medium to help bring to fruition this vision for healing by these community members.

While our collaborative network is contributing to the international partners housing, ground transportation and food, funds are limited. Therefore, we are asking for donations to support travel expenses incurred to bring our international partners to Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma for this very important gathering of leaders and healers.

The Wilma Mankiller Foundation

The Wilma Mankiller Foundation, a fund of Tulsa Community Foundation, seeks to continue Wilma Mankiller’s legacy of community development in Indian Country. The projects undertaken by the foundation support community development and focus on two essentials of life, water and food: promoting the movie and message of The Cherokee Word for Water, and our healthy food/community gardens projects underway in Adair, Cherokee and Muskogee counties.


This Stealing Tvlsa story is brought to you by One Fire Associates, because telling historical truth is healing for ourselves, our ancestors, and our future generations. One Fire Associates strengthens tribal nations across the US and abroad through community-based research into their physical and mental health. Making data gathering and evaluation fun since 2013!

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Stealing Tvlsa

Lucinda Hickory Research Institute

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