International Day of Blessings



The first International Day of Blessings for Mother Earth was held on May 7th, 2020 and was a call to action and international invitation to connect through and with Indigenous Elders and knowledge keepers with an intention to learn, grow, heal, and return to Wotawacin Oṫokohe (completion of our blue energy).


There is an awakening happening for the people. An awakening for survival of humanity. Many of you just recently woke up and some of you have been awake for a while now.

Our elders that follow the indigenous (origin) way of life have the knowledge that the world needs for survival. The youth will support the elders to share that knowledge for their survival carry that knowledge forward into the future.

From the beginning we have always been relatives. We are all relatives with those who walk on two legs (humans) those who walk on 4 legs (animals), those who live under the earth (worms, moles, grubs, single cell organisms), those who live in the ocean (fish), those who fly in the air (birds) and those who grow from the earth (plants).

All things that live, all our relatives, have a living breathing energy. At the core of all energy and meaning in life, is love. Love is what keeps us going. Love is what ties us all together. 

​It doesn't matter what color you are, what language you speak, what religion you practice, when you come together with your living breathing energy of love, you will be a part of the solution for healing ourselves and all our relatives of our Mother Earth.

Know that when we come together with that energy of love, all of our different practices, beliefs, prayers, positive thoughts, and ceremonies will bring more power to us collectively, as relatives. Our different beliefs, practices, and ways are all meaningful and valuable when they come from the energy of love.

We must heal the 7th direction (ourselves) so that we can be a part of the living breathing energy of love that connects us all. When we heal ourselves, we then become a part of the bigger family of the universe and can respect our sacred gifts and the sacred gifts that our other relatives bring in love.

Protocols To Gather The People

Protocol One

Protocol Two

Protocol Four

Protocol Six

Protocol Seven

Words & Songs for Wellness 

Tokala Two Elk (Lakota, Rosebud)

"I am Lakota. And I lift my spirit up..."

Tokala Two Elk (Lakota, Rosebud) 2.m4a

Tokala Two Elk (Lakota, Rosebud)

"This energy that Mother Earth helps us. It has given us life..."

Tokala Two Elk (Lakota, Rosebud).m4a

Maria Rosendo Casey-Huz (Maya)

"We have been feeling for some time now the need of healing our hearts, and healing our minds and spirit..."

Maria Rosendo Casey-Huz (Maya).m4a

George Coser (Muscogee Creek)

"I visit with one of my elders several years ago. We talked about Mother Earth. He told me that Mother Earth is like a human mother that gives you life..."

George Coser (Muscogee Creek).m4a

Aurora Mamea (Blackfeet)

"Strong Woman Song"

Aurora Mamea (Blackfeet).m4a

Angel Tipan Santillan (Kichwa)

"We have been connected to Mother Earth. We have always had a cosmic awareness as Indian people."

Angel Tipan Santillan (Kichwa).m4a

Abadio Green-Stocel (Gundule)

"In our creation story, it tells of a time of great cleansing and I think this is the time of great cleansing. And the prophecies say the women will lead us from this point forward.."

Abadio Green-Stocel (Gundule).m4a

Alfonzo Fernando Rafael (Maya) [In Spanish]

Alfonzo Fernando Rafael (Maya) [In Spanish].m4a